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A bit of initial admin: you may have noticed my new blog theme! I designed this based on a few ideas swirling around my head, hailing predominantly from the style of tumblr themes I used to like. I'm quite proud of the way it turned out and I think I've managed to blend cute fonts (and an Animal Crossing themed background) with a slightly more professional look than I'd usually go for. Let me know what you think!

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20/05/2020 | Comments

The Midnight Gospel

[Denis Kovalev x]

Does anybody else get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you're really grateful? I think maybe it's more like when someone does something that feels altruistic or just nice. It's not something I experience often but it's one of my favourite feelings in the world. I often find myself re-reading nice messages or replaying memories of nice things in my head. There's nothing quite like the sensation you get when it feels like someone has really taken the time to understand you or your needs.
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26/04/2020 | Comments

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